The Digital Media Creator Academy is an online educational community for both digital media professionals and creative entrepreneurs. Our community provides exclusive content, resources and courses based on proven methods of execution and case studies that have produced real word results! Join the academy to become stronger and go further in the digital World!

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Creator Community

Everyone needs a little help every once in a while. The Digital Media Creator Academy Community provides you a place to get advice, training & support you need on projects, growing your brand or just to bounce ideas off of other creators.


Private Coaching with Eddie Garrison

1-on-1 coaching with Eddie Garrison. Founder of Clover Media Consulting, Social Media Strategist, Digital Content Creator and Speaker. A 1-on-1 coaching session provides you direct access to me on an as needed basis.

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Social Media Training

Digital Marketing is no longer just an option for businesses. The World we live in has never been more Social. Your customers have never been more connected. This is where Digital Media comes in. Understand how Digital Media can benefit your brand.