Learn the Foundational Elements to Building a Successful Social Media Presence for Your Small Business

More and more people are learning about brands online rather than from traditional media outlets such as newspapers, radio or television. Social Media is an increasingly growing part of that trend. More specifically, LOCAL Social Media.

Whether you are a small restaurant, hardware store, bar or boutique clothing shop. Growing your brand on Social Media from scratch or relaunching it through new strategies can create many obstacles for your brand. 

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Lesson 01: Introduction to Local Social Media

An introduction to the power of Social Media as well as the need to have a presence for your small business on Social Media

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Lesson 02: Creating Local Content

Learn to Think like a local and not as your brand for a minute.

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Lesson 03: Thinking Local First

Learn to Create more locally focused content for your Social Media channels

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Lesson 04: Utilizing Local Groups

Building relationships with local groups will reach your local audience on an genuine and emotional level

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Lesson 05: Spotlight Your Regulars

Your regular customers are your brand’s most devoted enthusiasts and likely to share on Social Media

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Lesson 06: Utilizing The Competition

Checking in on your competition will help you see what is working in your industry as well as keeping tabs on what your competitors are doing

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Lesson 07: Creating A Content Calendar

Having all of your content prepared in a content calendar will help you be organized for the week’s Social Media posts

Brands that show support within their LOCAL community are more likely to be frequented by adult consumers