Learn the Foundational Elements to Building a Successful Social Media Presence for Realtors

What if we told you that 92% of home buyers use the internet to help find their next home? Additionally, the average home buyer spends at least three weeks of researching real estate online before even calling an agent.

Those numbers are straight from the National Association of Realtors.

Now of course, online includes Social Media. Even more so now that Facebook alone has over 2-Billion users! 2 BILLION! That is a lot of people to reach.

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Lesson 01: Optimize Your Social Media Accounts

Create or update your Social Media accounts as business profiles. 

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Lesson 02: Post Meaningful Content

Provide unique insights & posts about your industry, neighborhoods, local community happenings & success stories. Become a valuable source of information to your audience.

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Lesson 03: Harness The Power Of Visual

Clear, quality photos are great. However videos are better. Use videos for home tours, Q&A sessions & frequent topic responses.

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Lesson 04: Stay Locally Minded

Offer more personalized, locally minded content that adds actual value to your audience, not just bland real estate sats.

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Lesson 05: Establish Relationships

No one wants to be sold all the time. Make sure that no more than 20% of your content is geared towards your listings and/or accomplishments.

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Lesson 06: Live In The Moment

In this day & age, your audience wants on-the-go content. Utilize live video to create a real-time look at open houses, listing updates or room stagings.

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Lesson 07: Engage Your Audience

Any time your audience likes, comments, shares or retweets any of your content, make sure to thank or acknowledge them.

In this course, Iā€™m going to walk you through Seven key factors you can use to either get started or revamp your Social Media presence to help you get more, better qualified leads for your listings.