Whether you are a small restaurant, hardware store, bar or boutique clothing shop. Growing your brand on Social Media from scratch or relaunching it through new strategies can create many obstacles for your brand. 

More and more people are learning about brands online rather than from traditional media outlets such as newspapers, radio or television.

Social Media is an increasingly growing part of that trend. More specifically, LOCAL Social Media.

Brands that show support within their their LOCAL community are more likely to be frequented by adult consumers.

Take advantage of those locally minded consumers in your Social Media content.

Think like a local and not as your brand for a minute. What do you talk about with your friends?

What local events or topics are you currently following? Does the local sports team have a big game coming up?

Your brand’s CONTENT should connect with the LOCAL community. Remember, those are the same PEOPLE that will visit your brand’s location to make purchases.

We'll cover the following in this training:

  • Identifying Social Media Goals
  • Identifying Marketing Objectives
  • Identifying Your Target Audience
  • What Social Media Platforms
  • How to Create Locally Focused Content
  • Measuring Success with Analytics
  • Q&A Sessions