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Digital Marketing is no longer just an option for businesses. The World we live in has never been more Social. Your customers have never been more connected. This is where Digital Media comes in.

It is crucial for you to have a clear understanding of why Digital Media can benefit your brand's overall growth.

Eddie brings over a decade of ACH payments technology and policy experience as both a Sales and Marketing Specialist. Well versed in complete project management from conceptualization, testing and implementation of final projects. Adept at directing project launches with outstanding presentation, instructional, customer service and communication skills.

Previous and current customers include a diverse range of businesses from restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, payment processing companies, event planning & management, construction companies, business coaching, craft breweries as well as individual professional profiles.

Digital Media Marketing can be an excellent vehicle for developing online brand awareness, customer engagement, and audience growth.

This requires a solid, measurable plan and a commitment to developing consistent, strategic, quality content. In addition, it’s crucial for you to have a clear understanding of why Digital Media can be useful for reaching your business goals.


  • Comprehensive Social Media Account Audit
  • Defining Social Media
  • Identifying Social Media Goals
  • Identifying Marketing Objectives
  • Who is Your Target Audience
  • Researching Your Competition
  • What Social Media Platforms
  • Content Creation
  • Generating & Understanding Your Analytics
  • Actionable Items Moving Forward for Success