Live video streaming has burst on to the Social & Digital Media Marketing scene, quickly becoming a part of its culture. Everyone from celebrities to small businesses seem to be using it to reach more people across the digital landscape.

Thanks to Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope & Instagram, live video has become one of the most important game changers for Digital Media Creators. It has helped brands boost awareness, engagement and produce more conversions than usual.

Live video is no longer reserved for celebrities, sports and entertainment industries. Even small business owners are making their way into it with behind the scene looks, how to shows, sneak peeks and more!

But the best part about live video is that it’s so affordable and simple, that nearly anyone can leverage its benefits!

Now that you're ready to jump head first into the deep end of live video, let’s get down to the boring basics of live streaming.

I know, I know. It's like school all over again. However, you do need to understand that it’s not just a plug and play resource for your brand. Live video streaming is still in its infancy and novice creators must proceed with caution.

In this training, we will walk through all your questions, concerns and apprehensions to make you a lean, mean live streaming machine!

We'll cover the following in this training:

  • Getting Started with Live Video
  • Basic Equipment to Get Started
  • Building Your Audience
  • Stepping Up Your Equipment
  • Live Stream Like A Pro